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With over 21 years of experience executing high-end masonry and concrete projects for many of the most respected builders in The Hamptons, Phillip Cangiolosi Jr. has established a reputation for elite-level knowledge, a strong artistic eye, and a friendly, hardworking disposition.


OUR PHILOSOPHY to make concrete BEAUTIFUL, while being an incredible partner in design.  

Concrete is completely customizable, which means YOU are the lead designer in creating the installation of your dreams.


At a stone and tile store, you are limited to the colors and patterns they offer. At Creative Concrete, the possibilities are really quite endless

As your co-designer, we will provide you with guidance, insight, and a plethora of samples to browse. Then, you can mix and match as you please, and watch your design desires materialize into rock-hard reality. 


The fun is in more than just the product; it's in the custom design experience!

Conceived by you and crafted by hand.

We are proven structural artisans. We are Creative Concrete.  

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